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 Get a Trade Name Online

Welcome to

You can obtain a DBA trade name registration and other licenses and tax IDs, here, online.

A Trade Name, is the same as a Trade Business Name, DBA, Fictitious Business Name, Fictitious Firm Name, or Doing Business As Certificate.

In addition, you can incorporate or form an LLC online through our site.

In addition, to a trade name certificate,

You May Need The Following:  

  1.  All businesses need a business registration number also called a business license.
  2. All businesses that want to buy wholesale ( i.e., buy without paying taxes), or sell retail and collect taxes,  need a Seller's Permit / State Sales Tax Id Number also called a seller's permit or resale tax id number.
  3. All businesses that have employees, need a federal tax ID number EIN ( also called an IRS number) and a state employer tax ID number State EIN.
  4. All businesses are advised to get a federal tax id number and use it as a business ID number.  Note that a federal tax ID number is also an employer number as well as a business ID number.
  5. All corporations, partnerships, and llcs, are required to get a federal number to use as a business tax ID ( though, even sole owner can use it as a business ID number).

Not sure what you need? Take this Quiz to find out in 30 seconds !!

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and we will get your documents.

Trade Name -  Trade Business Name

In general, you need to file a trade business name and it is a certificate of your  business name as opposed to a certificate of a business such as a business license.

A trade business name is also called a DBA, Fictitious Business Name, an Assumed Business Name, a Trade Firm Name, or Doing Business As DBA.

Get Your Trade Business Name Today!!

Get Your Trade Name Now!!

 What is a Trade Business Name or DBA Name?

Why Do I Need to Get A Trade Name?

What is the General DBA Trade Business Name Business Name LawWhat is the General DBA Trade Business Name Business Name Law?

Benefits of Filing your Business Name :

All starting businesses, (including small business, retail stores, internet business, online business, online web sites and home business), at least get a business tax registration license and file a trade name and in most cases obtain a tax id number.

  • In a few words:
  • All businesses need a business tax registration license,
  • All retailers and wholesalers need a sales tax id number,
  • All employers need a federal ein and state employer tax id number, &
  • All businesses need a trade name  certificate, also called a dba doing businesses as.
  • THIS QUIZFind out what you need will help you in


Trade Business Name filing - File your DBA Trade Business Name -  

All States: In Arizona, Colorado, DC Trade Name, Georgia, Hawaii,

Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Wyoming,

West Virginia, Washington, Vermont,    Also Note that we can file a

DBA Trade Business Name in any U.S. City or County

You are required to file a trade name.

Trade Business Name Filing in Any City or State!

"Businesses using a  DBA Trade Business Name Name other than the owner's personal 

Name  are legally required to file a DBA Trade Business Name

  1. DBA Trade Business Name Filing

    File Your DBA Business Name : Also Notarize, Publish, and File proof of Publication

    Right from the start, we complete the DBA Trade Business Name forms, notarize the
  2. Business Name certificates, file the DBA Trade Business Name doing business as certificate,
  3. legally publish the DBA Trade Business Name and file proof of publication.  Here are the steps..

    DBA Trade Business Name Filing in Any City or State! File your DBA Trade Business Name ,
  4. Business Name Statement, Certificate of Business Business Name , DBA Name , Firm Name
  5. Filing, Notarization, Publication, and Filing of proof of Publication.

    File / Register a Trade Name Name : 

    Click Here to

    Answer this Short Questionnaire

    To Find Out


    You Need to:

    *File a DBA,
    *Get a Tax Id Number, or
    *Register Your Business by
    *Filing a Business License.

    We do the following: 

    (1) We can prepare the DBA Trade Business Name legal document. 

    (2) We will send our agent to you to notarize your DBA Trade Business Name (if required). 

    (3) Then, we will file, record, and register your Business, trade, or business Name, DBA Business Name certificate with the appropriate government agency.

    (4) If required, we will perform a local, county or state level trade business Name search to see if your DBA Business Name DBA Name is available. 

    (5) We will publish your DBA Trade Name Name for 4 weeks in a legal newspaper ( also called dba publication), and 

    (6) We will mail you the certified copies of the DBA Trade Business Name so you can open a bank account. In some cases, we may fax your or scan and email you the filed, certified copies of your DBA Trade Name Registration Certificate. 

    (7) Finally, after the DBA Trade Business Name form is notarized, filed, mailed and legally published, we file an officially, government certified copy of the proof of the Trade Business Name certificate newspaper publication.

    In most States, regular Trade Business Name registration filing takes 4-8 business days, but in some states it may take 10 -20 business days because the government processing takes longer. Where it is permitted by the government, there is rush expedited Trade Business Name filing for an extra fee - add about $200 to regular price.

    What is a Trade Business Name or DBA Name?

    It is an official certificate of your business name that must be registered with a government agency.  For example, you are doing business as "ebay online internet Super Co.", You need to file a trade name because the business name does not include your family surname.  A Trade Business Name, Company, or DBA Name Certificate, or DBA Business Name / D.B.A. Doing Business As Statement is the same as a Fictitious Business Name Statement, a Business Business Name Certificate, or a Firm Name . The " Fictitious Business Name " term is sometimes misspelled: fictious, ficticous, ficticious, etc. All of these business, or DBA Names are just business Name certificates / statements that must be filed if the business owner (individual, partnership, corporation) is doing business in a Name other than its own legal Name.

    Why Do I Need to Get A Trade Name?

    Because most states want to protect and inform the public of the legal person that uses a trade name.  For example, a trade name certificate contains the owners name a personal address as well as the entity legal structure because the state wants to give information about the owner.

    What is the General DBA Trade Business Name Business Name Law?

    Registration or Filing of a DBA Trade Business Name Trade / Business Business Name.

    In general, you are legally required to notarize (some states) register (file) and publish (in some states) a trade business Name certificate, (otherwise called a DBA Name Certificate, Fictitious Business Name Doing Business As Statement, or a Firm Name ) if the business Name is a Name that is different from the Name of the proprietor, partnership or corporation doing business with that Name. 

    Benefits of Filing your Business Name :

    1.  Can use the Courts to bring a lawsuit under the trade business Name . You can enforce any contract that you sign under a registered Name . 
    2.  Can open a bank account in the Name of the business - banks require that you show proof of business Name registration.
    3.  May prevent others from using your business Name . In some states filing creates a rebuttable presumption that you have rights to that Name ( but you probably need a trade mark to protect the Name . However, in general, you do acquire some rights to the business Name associated with a specific product or service that you provide using the business Name in the region that you provide the service or sell your product. Get Your Trade Name Now!!
How To Get Your Tax ID
How Do I Get My Trade? Simply submit an online form with your business information and we will get the seller's permit, tax IDs and or licenses llc or dba you order, from us. Apply for your seller's permit today. Click To Get It Now
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